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Passion in Life: Do You Know Yours?

The fire that keeps on blazing and drives success is PASSION

Seeing it at first is difficult, it’s cloudy and unclear, and many people don’t know what their passion is until later in life. Your life’s purpose is also determined by your passion. The goal is to give you a clearer picture or definition of how you plan to move forward.

Without having passion, it will be difficult for you to overcome all the humps and bumps along your way towards success.

Consider asking yourself “How do I find my passion?” and you may have a good chance of discovering it.

Where do you begin your quest to find your true passion in life? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Is there anything you enjoy doing already?

Are there any hobbies that you loved as a child that you never considered for a career?

Whether you enjoy cooking, dancing, or singing, chances are you can make a living at it. You could have your own restaurant, write a cookbook, teach dance and singing lessons, or start a YouTube channel and share your artistic vision and earn from it.

If you’ve already found something you love, you’re ahead of the game. All you must do now is find out how to make it work for you.

  1. Think creatively… Get ideas!

In case you don’t have an idea of how to find your passion right away, sit down with a piece of paper and begin to draft down some ideas. Find your people, those with relative skills you have, people you admire in your life, your parents, friends, your teacher, or a mentor. Ask them, and if possible, get some of their ideas on whether they’ve found their passion or not.

The more ideas you find, the more likely you will discover your own passion in life.

  1. There is no harm on trying

When you’ve discovered your passion, don’t be afraid to experiment, test out your idea, and manage it. Plan carefully and do it as a hobby at first to see if it’s right for you or not. Then, set a few goals along the way and continue learning relevant skills that will benefit your passion.

  1. Never stop from trying

Don’t be afraid if you fail at first, never give up on yourself when things go wrong. Like Nelson Mandela once said, “It’s always seems impossible until it is done.” You should never consider quitting, you may discover after several months that the passion you discovered isn’t working for you anymore. Give it another shot. You might find that you have more passions than one, so explore all the possibilities because giving up too soon is the sure way to failure.

What makes the difference between failure and success is the passion you have for your vision, your drive, and all of your whys. These whys are also the core reasons why we pursue the desire we have. Do the things that you are most passionate about, and despite all the hardship you’ll endure, you will end up successful. Successful on your own terms.

Let’s create change and turn our lives from ordinary into extraordinary ones, and it will be our legacy.

We are infinitely connected, just like the circle.

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