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It’s Never Too Late

Remember when you were just a kid and the adults would ask what you want to be when you grow up? One would say a Doctor to help the sick, a Chef to cook delicious foods, a Veterinarian to take care of sick animals, a Policeman to catch the bad guys, even a Superhero to save the world! It’s funny how at such a young age we are already capable of dreaming big and believe that we can be whoever we want to be. How as kids, we can be so sure about our future. It’s beautiful how at such a young age we are already convinced of the kind of life we are going to have in the course of time. Innocence is bliss indeed.

Fast forward to now, you have achieved your dream. The blood, sweat, and tears you have shed in your academic years have finally paid off and you have earned the profession you’ve always dreamed of having. Your parents are so proud of you and they would always boast about you to their peers. As a son/daughter, I think there is nothing more fulfilling than making your parents proud. Isn’t that one of the reasons why we want to become successful? It’s to make our loved ones  proud of us? We are living up to the standards of the society. We are living the dream we once had as a kid. We are on the right track. Or at least that’s what we thought…

Until one day you woke up and realized that you’re no longer happy with your job. There is this feeling of emptiness in your heart that eats away the motivation and drive to continue. For months or years, you tried to convince yourself that what you have now is what you’ve always wanted. It is what you will ever need and nothing more. And then it finally hits you that it is not. You’ve had enough of your routine of doing things half-heartedly. You question yourself what is the point in all of these when you are not happy? Cliche as it may seem but “things change”. What you wanted as a kid is no longer the same now that you are an adult. You just don’t want to admit it.

But for the sake of your peace and well-being, you want to do something about it. You want to be brave and adventurous and make a move. You’re okay with the fact that you will have to start all over again. But on the other side, you are scared. You are scared of taking that leap of faith. The fear of failure is already taunting you. A part of you doesn’t want to gamble on the things you already have and worked hard for. Are you really willing to go back to square one? Isn’t it too late to start now?

I believe there is no such thing as being late when it comes to making a change in your life. What is important is that when you feel like doing something that you know will feed your soul, you do something about it. You can be in your 30’s and pursue medicine, you can be in your 40’s and realize that you actually want to be a musician. You can be in your 50’s and decide to be a business owner. My point is, you can be whoever you want no matter how old  you are simply because at the end of the day, it is all up to you. Don’t be afraid of failing or not making it. Because the moment you’ve decided to try, regardless whether you succeed or not, you already won. Trying is better than doing nothing at all. Just go for it and be as happy as you can be.

We are infinitely connected, just like the circle.

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