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Expert in Youth Empowerment

Dr. Mohammed Naji


After his outstanding achievements at a young age, Dr. Mohammed Naji decided to begin a new chapter in his life to empower the youth and share with them the challenges and obstacles that faced him behind the scenes; along with the solutions and motives to rise above all and make things happen.


An accomplished Orthodontist, Dr. Mohammed Naji proves that age doesn’t matter when it comes to pursuing your dreams. Born and raised in Dubai, UAE. He got his degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery in Ajman University of Science and Technology (2015), a diploma in Healthcare Management and Administration in London (2016) and a mastership degree in Laser Dentistry in Germany (2017), then took up his master’s in Orthodontics in Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (2020). Currently he is the Executive Director of Liberty Medical Group which is the first internationally accredited dental clinic in the MENA region by the ACSH accreditation.

Dr. Mohammed Naji is a consummate professional who brings his vision and values to every field he approaches. He has his own medical reality show ‘’Smile Masters’’, a sizeable social media following, and knows how to speak 3 languages; Arabic, English and French that comes handy since he is also an entrepreneur across multiple industries.

As GADHA’s expert in Youth Empowerment and given some of the prejudices he endured as a young professional, Naji is attuned to the obstacle of the youth. It is perhaps his keen insight into matters that the youth deal with that shapes how he projects himself to the youth. For the cause, he uses social media platforms to invite the world into his life, displaying with ease and confidence how a young person embodies all the markers of success typically associated with those who are older and more distinguished – how a young person can be successful, dress professional, even participate on the world stage, everything curtailed to the older generation. To him, social media is communication, and he uses it to communicate one thing – that you are never restricted by your age, only by your effort and ambition to get things done.

Dr. Naji envisions expanding investments into industries he’s passionate about, such as health and fitness, food and beverages, fashion, and product provision services, hopeful about having a holding group in the future. He recently founded the first 3D Dental NFT collection in the world “Dental Holiday” and his desire to carve a path for the youth, to raise awareness about societal issues, and to channel the energy and potential of the youth, akin to the one he traversed himself, is what propelled him to join hands with GADHA – it was important to have a mentor who had successfully forayed into different paths in life.

We are infinitely connected, just like the circle.

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